AliveCor Veterinary Heart Monitor (iPhone 4-5-6-7)

The AliveCor Veterinary Heart Monitor (“Veterinary Heart Monitor”) is a mobile, clinical-quality veterinary electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder for use by both veterinarians and animal owners, on dogs, cats, horses and other species. The Veterinary Heart Monitor which snaps onto the iPhone. Electronics and sensors are used to collect ECG data and transmit it to the iPhone.

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Specs & Technical Data

  • Collect and view single-lead ECG data using the Apple iPhone.
  • Store ECG data on the iPhone.
  • Wirelessly transmit ECG data to the AliveCor online server using a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.
  • Access ECG data stored on the AliveCor server from anywhere in the world (where the internet is accessible).

Expectations of the Veterinary Heart Monitor:

  • This device measures heart rate and heart rhythm only.
  • This device does not detect or measure all heart rate, heart rhythm and heart waveform changes, especially those related to ischaemic heart conditions

Instructions and Documentations

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