Capillary Holder

Capillary Holder

The extra capillary holder is sold as an separate accessory (if the included capillary holder in the VerReader is not enough) and is intended for use with the LifeAssays® Canine, Feline and Equine Test Kits.

SKU: 40301-04

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Specs & Technical Data

The capillary holder is a required component which can be re-used. The capillary holder is an aid for the user to ensure proper handling of the glass capillary and sampling of the patient sample. Please refer to the instructions for use provided in the LifeAssays® Canine, Feline and Equine Test Kits for more information.

Complete product includes

Product Name Number Art.No.
Capillary holder 1 pcs 40301-04

Optional products

Material Required but Not Supplied:
Product Name Art.No.
Capillaries 5 µl 40301-03
Capillaries 3 µl 40301-20