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G-Pet plus

The G-Pet plus veterinary glucose meter is calibrated specifically for use in cats, dogs and horses. Each G-Pet plus meter contain all relevant calibration information to ensure an accurate result is reported for each species. Vets no longer need to persist with inaccurate human meters as there is now a low cost, veterinary specific alternative.

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Specs & Technical Data


  • Calibrated specifically for cats, dogs & horses.
  • Biosensor auto code technology.
  • Small sample (0.7µl) of whole blood is required.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • Accurate results displayed within 5 seconds.
  • Readable range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/l.
  • 500 result automatic memory.
  • Adjustable alert range alarms, mmol/l or mg/dl.
  • HCT range 20 – 60%

Complete product includes

Product Name Number  
G-Pet plus meter 1 pcs  
User guide 1 pcs  
AAA battery 2 pcs  
Test strips 10 pcs  
Control solution insert 1 pcs  
Code strip 1 pcs  
Quick reference guide 1 pcs  
Control solution 1 pcs  
Lancing device 1 pcs  
Carry case 1 pcs  
Lancet 10 pcs  

Instructions and Documentations

Documentation Product handbook

Optional products

Material Required but Not Supplied:
Product Name Art.No.
G-Pet Plus blodsocker teststickor WD0064A
G-Pet Plus kontrol vätska WD0067A