InSight MS Urinalysis Reader

The Insight Urinalysis MS reader is a semi-automatic urine test strip reader with touch screen and printer to be used in conjunction with InSight MS Urine test strips.

Simply dip the strip into the urine sample and place it on the loading plate.

  • UPC ratio result in less than 2 minutes.
  • Microalbumin and Creatinine results and ratio within 2 minutes.
  • Print the results straight from the reader (option).
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Specs & Technical Data

  • Measurement Method: Reflectance Photometer.
  • Power Supply – Input: 100-240V – Output: DC 12V, 3,33A.
  • Battery: AAA 1.5V * 8ea.
  • Throughput: 40-50 / Hour (120 tests/hour under ‘Quick’ mode).
  • Memory: Up to 2000 samples.
  • Serial Communication.
  • USB Port.
  • WD1416 External Printer

Complete product includes

Product Name
Insight Urinalysis MS Reader
Strip Loading Plate
AC adapter 100-240V / 12V DC 3,33A
Power Cable
Operating Manual
USB cable
WD1416 icludes one 1414 ie
External Printer for exclusive use with the analyser (included in WD1416)

Instructions and Documentations

Documentation Woodley Equipment Leaflet

Optional products

Material Required but Not Supplied
Product Name Art.No.
InSight MS-2 VET Urine Test Strips (50)
  • Tests: Microalbumin & Creatinine
InSight MS-11 VET Urine Test Strips (50)
  • Tests: Urobilinogen; Glucose, Bilirubin; Ketone; Specific Gravity; Blood; pH; Protein; Creatinine; Nitrate; Leucocytes