LifeAssays® Equine SAA Kit

LifeAssays® Equine SAA Test Kit is an in vitro veterinary diagnostic test for the quantitative determination of Feline Serum Amyloid A in serum or plasma. It is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis, progression and treatment of various conditions associated with systemic inflammation. An easy to use point-of-care testing to support the veterinarians to take decisions on the health of the horse by performing the test in-house and get the result in only 5 minutes.

SKU: 40101-24

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Specs & Technical Data

Measuring Range Measuring Range for serum samples 10–1 000 mg/L.
Reference Range The reference range for SAA in equine serum is reported as less than 20 mg/L (Ref. 12, 13 in IFU). We thus recommend that SAA concentrations above 20 mg/L should be seen as an indication for systemic inflammation.
Stability and Storage Store test kit and all components at 2–27° C. The test kit is stable until expiry date printed on the box. Avoid direct sunlight or exposure to temperatures above 27°C. Do not freeze. Free hemoglobin present in the serum do not interfere with test results.

Complete product includes

Product Name Number Art.No.
LifeAssays® eSAA Cartridge and a disposable pipette 20 pcs 40101-26 / 40301-37
Sample dilution buffer vials 20 pcs 40301-36
Disposable end-to-end 3 μl glass capillaries 25 pcs 40301-20
Lot specific calibration key 1 pcs 50501-11
Instructions for Use 1 pcs 40301-38

Instructions and Documentations


Optional products

Material Required but Not Supplied
Product Name Art.No.
LifeAssays® Magnia Reader 50101-10
Capillary holder 40301-04
Vortex e.g. LifeAssays® Vortex 50201-04