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LifeAssays® VetReader

The LifeAssays® VetReader is for in vitro veterinary diagnostic use only. It is intended to be used together with LifeAssays® test kits for quantification of clinically interesting veterinary markers in patient samples.

SKU: 50101-04

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Specs & Technical Data

Description The LifeAssays® VetReader offers a new alternative for POC testing utilizing the unique and patented magnet immuno assay (MIA) technique. The Vetreader is used to measure the values of the LifeAssays tests. Each test kit contains a chip with calibration curves and the latest software. The “one computer chip” is the LifeAssays® POC system’s key and locks the LifeAssays® VetReader to the LifeAssays® reagents. The chip is inserted into the reader when a new reagent kit is opened and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit is disposed of. Upgrades are easily provided with each new reagent kit. Performing a test using the LifeAssays® System is easy and convenient.
System Features
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Extreme light weight and small foot print 21 cmx13cmx7 cm < 1 kg
  • Automatic measurement and result presentation
  • Printer Interface
  • Superior non-optical system
  • Maintenance free – no optics, no tubing
  • Part of the LifeAssays® Veterinary test system, panel with all tests on the same instrument
  • Rapid, easy and affordable
  • High advanced testing in a Point of Care setting; correlation 0.99 against ELISA test normally preformed in a big lab

Complete product includes

Product Name Number Art.No.
LifeAssays® VetReader 1 pcs 50101-04
Power Supply and Cord 1/1 pcs 50201-01/02
Capillary holder 1 pcs 40301-04
Operating Manual 1 pcs E-25-0001

Instructions and Documentations

Documentation LifeAssays® VetReader Operator Manual
Product Demonstration

Optional products

Material Required but Not Supplied:
Product Name Art.No.
LifeAssays® test kits (Canine, Feline, Equine)  
LifeAssays® Vortex 50201-04
Printer 50201-09